Programmatically Update List Content in SharePoint

The Below is the Sample Code to update the Sharepoint list content programmatically by using SharePoint Object Model.

SPSite Site = new SPSite(“http://localhost:21000”);
SPWeb Web = Site.OpenWeb();
SPList List = Web.Lists[“Address Book”];
SPListItem ListItem = List.GetItemById(0);

string FullName = string.Empty;

FullName = ListItem[“FirstName”].ToString() + ListItem[“LastName”].ToString();
SPListItem[“FullName”] = FullName;


4 Responses to Programmatically Update List Content in SharePoint

  1. Arfan says:

    This needs user name & password. how can we pass user credential through code

  2. DonCarnage says:

    SPListItem[“FullName”] = FullName; –> Wrong

    ListItem[“FullName”] = FullName; –> Correct

    Best regards

  3. skhumbuzo mjoji says:

    thank you guys…
    and special thanks to DonCarnage…

  4. Elena says:

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